Imagine one day owning digital assets that are not just limited to pixels on a screen – but tangible, physical assets you can hold in your hand! The Metaverse platform AXIE Infinity (AXS) will help us get there by allowing us to own digital representations of tangible objects that we can collect, trade, and interact with in limitless ways! Let’s take a closer look at what AXIE Infinity has to offer and how it works!

What Is The Axie Infinity Economy?

The Axie economy is an open market that anyone can join. This means that if someone wants to create a business in this world, they just have to buy some Axies and start selling their goods. The advantage of this is that it will be easier for people who are new at this business and don’t have a lot of money. They can buy some Axies from someone else and start from there.

How Does It Work?

AXIE INFINITY is a blockchain-based game that allows players to create their own digital creatures (known as Axies) which can be trained and evolved. Players can also breed their Axies with other players’ Axies, or trade them for crypto tokens. The game has been designed with scalability in mind and provides a virtual world where all digital lifeforms live.

Where Do I Get My Tokens To Play Games And Earn Crypto Rewards On Axie Infinity?

You can purchase or earn Axies on the website. If you want to get your hands on some Axies, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet, which is a place where you can store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Can you make money on Axie Infinity? 

You can make money on Axie Infinity by playing games, owning businesses, and purchasing skins. The more you play, the more rewards you will receive! Once you have earned enough experience points in-game, you can go back to your dojo and learn new skills for your Axies (Axies are what people call their CryptoKitties). 

The game is still in its beta stage so there is a lot of room for growth. And if that wasn’t enough already, the developers are planning on adding quests that give even more rewards as well as introducing tournaments where players can compete with each other for real-life prizes.

Incubate with Us- Metaworks Holdings

Metaworks Holdings is an incubation company formed to create new, foundationally stable, scalable business units primarily focused on modeling existing, successful, traditional, and/or progressive recurring revenue streams existing within existing and new Metaverse. 

The ultimate goal is for each business unit to raise money independently and provide best-in-class products or services in each of their respective industries. Additionally, all units incubated under Metaworks will be able to get added benefits from the other businesses’ goods or services in our ecosystem. Find out more:

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