Key Takeaways

  • Crystalvale is a Decentralized Exchange (a platform where only cryptocurrencies can be exchanged), a 2D-Pixel art game that resembles Runescape, and an NFT Marketplace. 
  • Crystalvale runs on the proprietary DeFi Blockchain but can seamlessly bridge with Harmony One subnet and Avalanche. 
  • CRYSTAL is the power token of Crystalvale, just as JEWEL is the power token of Serendale.
  • You can stake CRYSTAL to make money. While CRYSTAL is the power token of Crystavale, JEWEL is DeFi Kingdoms’ gas token; hence, xJEWEL is required to stake for CRYSTAL in the Ice Garden.   


Defi Kingdoms Crystalvale is the new Defi World—an extension from Serendale to Crystalvale. Crystalvale promises edgy quests with 2D-pixel art environments, Hero NFTs that may get burnt in the Perilous Journey, and fantastic airdropped rewards. 

The DFK Blockchain

Crystalvale is built on the DFK chain, the Defi Kingdom Blockchain created in partnership with the Avalanche subnet. The network ensures that DeFi Kingdoms can validate blockchains outside Avalanche’s P, X, and C chains. 

The DFK blockchain is EVM compatible and uses the proof of authority/proof of stake consensus algorithm developed by AVA labs. 

Getting Started: Entering Crystalvale

There are three options to enter Crystalvale: first, you can enter the Blockchain from Serendale, the Harmony Blockchain. Second, you can enter Crystalvale if you are already an Avalanche user. Third, for people who are new to cryptocurrency or have not tried the DeFi Kingdom game, you need a Coinbase or Metamask wallet. 

Entering from Serendale

If you are on Serendale, your gameplay sits on the Harmony chain, and you should know the Dockmaster Maria. Crystalvale uses the Dock to bridge its DFK and other chains like Harmony. You can also move tokens like JEWEL, xJEWEL, and Avax through the Dock to and from Crystalvale. 

The Process

  • Visit Dockmaster Maria in Serendale to activate the in-game bridge. 
  • Get JEWEL: Please note that while CRYSTAL is the governance token for Crystalvale and JEWEL is the governance token for Serendale, JEWEL is also the gas token for DeFi Kingdoms. You need JEWELs for transactions and gas fees in Serendale and Crystalvale. xJEWEL is also expended when minting Hero NFT in Crystalvale. 
  • To convert your JEWEL to xJEWEL, visit the Jeweler. 
  • xJEWEL is also needed to stake for CRYSTALs in the Ice Garden. 
  • Travel: Once you have enough xJEWEL for gas fee and staking at the Ice Garden, you can travel through the Docks to Crystalvale. 

Entering Crystalvale with an Avalanche-Configured Wallet

If your wallet is configured for Avalanche, you can visit the Outpost through and follow the next instructions:

  • Visit the Snow Sage Ellia, and she will help you convert your AVAX to the DFK chain. 
  • The Outpost also serves as a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) where you can swap tokens for JEWEL. 
  • In the Outpost, the network offers you a free gas fee for the initial swap from AVAX to JEWEL. The JEWEL you get will be used for subsequent gas fees and to pair for xJEWEL.
  • Stake xJEWEL in the Ice Garden for CRYSTAL: To stake xJEWEL, you need to pair JEWEL<> xJEWEL in the Druid Ulfur in the Marketplace. You can stake your xJEWEL at the Liquidity Pool when pairing is completed for rewards. Always leave JEWEL portions for transactions in the Crystalvale. 

If You are New to DeFi Kingdoms or Crypto

For new users, you need to visit, where you will be prompted to create a Coinbase wallet or a Metamask wallet. After installing your wallet, you can enter Crystalvale through the Outpost. At the Outpost, you can buy AVAX. You can also exchange unsupported cryptocurrencies for AVAX—and then exchange the AVAX for JEWEL, or you can exchange the unsupported cryptocurrency directly for JEWEL. Remember that the Outpost is also a Decentralized Exchange. 

  • You will be offered a small gas fee for free to help you change AVAX to JEWEL. 
  • You can then travel into Crystalvale, where you can stake for CRYSTAL in the Liquidity Pool. You need xJEWEL to stake for CRYSTAL, and you can always swap your JEWEL for xJEWEL in the Marketplace. 

Crystavale Power Token: CRYSTAL

The CRYSTAL has a hard cap of a hundred and twenty-five million tokens—125,000,000, and 2,500,000 of the hard cap will be pre-minted before the launch of the Crystalvale. The pre-minted tokens will be used to reward players in Quests and used for liquidity. 

Where are CRYSTALs Secured?

CRYSTALs are secured in a multi-sig wallet controlled by four people. The wallet controllers are in-house members; however, to prevent fraud, a transaction’s approval can only be confirmed and executed when 3 of the 4 treasury members sign the transaction. With the required signatories, investor funds and tokens are protected from hacks. 

  1. A team member cannot execute a transaction without the signature of two other treasury members. 
  2. Everyone can view proposed transactions before execution, ensuring transparency and protection of funds. 

Heroes in Crystalvale

The creators of DeFi Kingdoms created a system where people can earn rewards through different means. For example, you can stake JEWEL and CRYSTAL in Serendale and Crytalvale, respectively; you can also mint Hero NFTs, send them on Quests, and earn rewards for successful Quest completion. Hero NFTs are RPG assets, and they have their stats. It’s important to note that Heroes exist in Crysalvale just as they do in Serendale. Just like in Serendale, Heroes can go on Quests. Crystalvale heroes can go on the Perilous Journey, which gives fantastic rewards like CRYSTALs but with a high risk of a Hero’s death. 

Hero Characteristics

Hero Genes: A hero has two sets of genes. The first determines the hero’s appearance, and the second determines the hero’s ability in the Crystalvale gameplay. 

Summoning Heroes: Heroes are summoned in a special place called the portal, and their genes are determined by the genes of the two summoning heroes. On the other hand, summoned heroes can have mutated genes, leading to unique rarity and uncommon stats. 

Purchasing and Renting Heroes: Heroes can be bought, sold, and rented out in the Tavern. 

Equipment: Heroes will have the ability to equip themselves with equipment NFTs, granting them physical and magical abilities that will help them through their Quests or in PVE and PVP combats. Heroes can also visit, buy and upgrade, and fight for lands in Crystalvale. 

Staking CRYSTAL: Ice Gardens

CRYSTAL is the Power Jewel of Crystalvale, but the founders of DeFi will limit issuance and access to prevent dump. Issuance of CRYSTAL is scheduled according to Epochs. Each Epoch lasts exactly a week. While CRYSTAL staking in Ice Gardens is opened, portions of claimed CRYSTALs from staking will remain locked until Epoch 51—March 22, 2023. After Epoch 51, CRYSTALs will be unlocked ratably.    

The percentage of unlocked CRYSTAL begins at 5%, which is in Epoch 1. It increases by two percent to 7% in Epoch 2. Every Epoch sees a 2% increase in unlocked schedule, while the remaining locked CRYSTALs are fully locked until Epoch 51. 

Gas Fee, Deposit Fee, and Withdrawal Fee in Crystalvale

Staking LP tokens in the Ice Garden does not attract any deposit fee; however, the founders instituted withdrawal fees that get painfully high the more a player withdraws staked LP tokens. The withdrawal fee mechanism is instituted to prevent investors from executing flash loans and pump and dumps—practices that can dramatically reduce or floor the price of a token. 

You can check the extensive list of Crystalvale’s withdrawal fees here.

Crystalvale Airdrop Schedule

On the DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale website, there are 14 airdrops, some still scheduled to drop while others have dropped. Each airdrop comes with amazing rewards for players. For example, the Hero Summoner H1 is set to airdrop 10 shiny Gen 0 Crystalvale Hero CRYSTAL to 10 lucky players who held their Hero on January 21, 2022, that were summoned from January 1, 2022, to January 21, 2022. Amazing! There are other rewards that have not yet been airdropped, so you can still enter Crystalvale to earn these rewards. Check out the full airdrop schedule on their website.

The Perilous Journey

The Perilous Journey is DeFi Kingdoms’ mechanism for burning. Burning is a common term in the cryptocurrency world, and it is used to deflate the value of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Outside the Perilous Journey, the normal gameplay of Crystalvale and Serendale allows burning. In-game assets like fishes, golden eggs, gold, and JEWELs are often burnt in transactions. For example, fishes are burnt to enable a Hero’s magical power. For example, when a player uses Gaia’s tears to summon a Hero, Gaia’s tears are burnt and placed in an inaccessible address. 

The Perilous Journey is an adventure—a dangerous adventure that comes with significant rewards—but only if your hero survives the journey. You just arrived at Crystalvale from Serendal, but how did you get here? What magical forces did you battle? Who knows the safe passage? The Perilous Journey is the one-time ultimate adventure to find a safe path from Serendale to Crystalvale. 

Unimaginable rewards await the finders! And death awaits the Hero NFTs that fail!

The 9-day journey began on March 7, 2022, and will end on March 16, 2022. Players have staked their heroes. Let’s see who comes out alive. 

The Perilous Journey accepts as many Hero NFTs from players, and players have the option to set Heroes in groups, with each group led by the GenO Hero. The GenO Hero improves the survival rate of the remaining 5 Heroes. You can check this article to know the survival rates of Heroes, and the Journey process of this great adventure. 

Making Money in Crystalvale

The making money process in Crystalvale is similar to the Serendale process. Let’s have a look:

  1. Stake CRYSTAL at the Ice Garden: You can stake CRYSTAL to earn rewards. Remember that you need xJEWELs to stake CRYSTAL and earn rewards. 
  2. Join the Liquidity Pool: When you join the liquidity pool, you become a shareholder, and you can earn APY from the pool. Remember that your shares are constantly in flux because any user can enter or exit the pool. 
  3. Send NFTs on Quests: Professional Quests like mining, fishing, and foraging lead to rewards like JEWELs, CRYSTALs, portions, and other in-game items that can converted into tradable tokens in the Marketplace. 
  4. The Perilous Journey: The Perilous Journey, albeit dangerous, is a way for players to earn rewards and make money.  
  5. Sell NFTs: You can also make money by selling your heroes as NFTs. You can also rent NFTs to other users for a price. 


Crystalvale is special because it launches on the DeFi Blockchain. Beyond Crystalvale, the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain is set to become a location for Defi Kingdoms community members to launch exciting GameFi and gaming experiences. With the success of Serendale, including the DeFi Kingdoms Serendale JEWEL market cap of $2, 874, 076, 047, the CRYSTAL, Crystalvale’s power token, sits on the history of a powerful predecessor. 

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