Decentraland, the first metaverse to be built on the blockchain, allows users to create avatars, explore the virtual universe, and even use MANA to participate in the Decentraland economy. With MANA, users can buy land, gamble, play games, purchase art, designer clothes and accessories, and other NFTs, and even create their own businesses. But, unlike its gaming predecessors like Mario, Decentraland’s tokens facilitate worth and transferability as real-world assets. 

So, where do you start, and what are some of the best places in Decentraland to visit? Keep reading this guide to find out. 

Best Places to Visit in Decentraland

Here are the top spots we recommend visiting ASAP in Decentraland

Genesis Plaza (0,0)

When you arrive in Decentraland, you’re greeted by the sights and sounds of paradise — palm trees, blue skies, and a flowing and clear pond. Genesis Plaza is the center of the Decentraland universe.  

There are more than 90,000 units of land in Decentraland, which are referred to as “parcels.” These parcels are arranged in a 300×300 grid. Addresses are designated with the coordinates on an X-axis, from 150 to -150, and the coordinates on a Y-axis, from -150 to 150. Genesis Plaza’s coordinates are 0,0 as it is the middle of the matrix.

MetaZone Tower (61,-27)

If you want to make it — or fake it til you make it — in Decentraland, you need to look the part. That’s why Decentraland’s “app store,” MetaZone Tower should be the first stop on your Decentraland tour. MetaZone is a free-to-play and play-to-earn virtual world-building that allows users to create their own digital content. There are multiple arcade games users can play in MetaZone Tower to earn rewards and currency.

At the in-game marketplace, users can purchase NFT wearables, including tuxedos, dresses, designer handbags, and different hairstyles and accessories.

Everything in Decentraland is for sale — including usernames! One corner of MetaZone tower sells usernames. If you want to be called “Amazon” in Decentraland, you’ll have to hand over 2,000 MANA. There’s even an offer in for 2,350,000 MANA for the name “Taylor Swift!” 

The Sugar Club (-1,-35)

Looking to catch a live DJ set in the metaverse? The Sugar Club is the spot to be for house heads. But, that’s not all The Sugar Club offers. It’s one of the metaverse’s hottest nightclubs, known for synth wave music, artsy architecture, and name brand NFTs. The creator of The Sugar Club streams music into the club from his own DJ mixing table. On any given night, The Sugar Club hosts 20 to 30 avatars.

The Sugar Club offers VIP passes that take users who shell out some extra MANA up an elevator to a lounge complete with richer animation and graphics, more music choices, and a viewing of The Sugar Club creator’s crypto art collection.

Chateau Satoshi (-75,73)

Chateau Satoshi is a metaverse casino in the Vegas City District. Players can choose from slots, blackjack, and roulette — all payable in crypto.

Chateau Satoshi was released in conjunction with Decentraland’s public launch in February 2020. Its name is derived from Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin.

The Chateau’s interior is very luxurious and decorated in a gold and white Art Deco style in true casino fashion.. There are grand staircases throughout.

Battle Racers (67,-21)

Battle Racers is far more than a mere arcade game. It offers plenty of opportunities for users, including, of course, the chance to win money.

Battle Racers starts in the garage. This is where users customize their Battle Racers. In the beginning, users are only given access to basic customizations, but as they win races, they earn more parts that can contribute to future upgrades. Users mix and match different parts to create the perfect custom racing — or battling — machine.  

The race tracks and garages are housed in the public Battle Racer arena, allowing other users to come by and check it out. Users can test out their cars on practice tracks. But, the real fun revs us up when competing against other players. These races are usually made up of four players — either real players or AI players, or a mix.

Players can convert their prize money into NFTs, allowing them to track their racing history on the blockchain.

Tominoya Casino (-120, 135)

Another Vegas-style gambling experience awaits you at Tominoya Casino — also located in Vegas City. Players can use MANA, Dai, or free play tokens to test their luck at Roulette, slot machines, and Blackjack.

The 52 land parcel features 40 NFTs, each with four slots or a roulette table. These land parcels are for sale and allow users who purchase them to earn a passive, monthly rent payment.

Crypto Valley (50,20)

Crypto Valley is a virtual land where Crypto projects and funds gather to form a community aimed at promoting innovation and communication. You can think of Crypto Valley as the Silicon Valley of Decentraland. Crypto Valley is where a lot of cryptocurrency companies, such as Polygon (MATIC) have built their metaverse headquarters. Throughout Crypto Valley, you’ll see NFTs advertising certain companies. Users can also create and sell wearable NFTs to market their businesses in Crypto Valley.

Conference rooms and convention centers are aplenty in the business-oriented Crypto Valley, built for launch events and metaverse meetings and conferences. In June 2021, Crypto Valley hosted its first virtual job fair. 

In February 2022, the inaugural, two-day Metaverse Summit will be held in Decentraland, bringing together experts, visionaries, thought leaders, and developers to educate the public about the metaverse and how it will impact the future.

Samsung’s 837X (102, 76)

Samsung opened a virtual store in Decentraland. The storefront, dubbed, “Samsung 837X” is a replica of Samsung’s flagship New York City store. Users can virtually visit the building and experience its high-tech interior by unlocking NFT badges and wearables by completing quests and even taking part in a live dance party.

Users who purchase the 837X NFT badge are entered into a raffle which gives them the change to win one three-limited-supply wearable collections for their avatar.

The interior of Samsung 837X is an ever-evolving experience center that’s designed to deliver forefront metaverse interactions fusing pop culture and innovation. There are three worlds inside of Samsung 837X designed to allow users to discover and learn about Samsung’s sustainability, customization, and connectivity initiatives. 

Sotheby’s (52,83)

The world’s oldest art market, Sotheby’s created a virtual art gallery in Decentraland. Located in a prime location in Decentraland’s Voltaire Art District, it is a digital replica of its London headquarters. The virtual gallery is made up of five floors to show off digital art. Users are even greeted at the front door by the avatar of Sotheby’s London commissioner Hans Lomulder. 

QuizZone (-25,25)

QuizZone is a multiplayer quiz competition where players complete quizzes to reach the top of the leaderboard. Users have two categories to choose from: 

  1. Special Quiz: Users complete a unique, one-time quiz. These are usually used for special events, and you can even win your own quiz topic. Every correct answer counts. The sum is displayed on the leaderboard.
  2. Random Quiz: Players have to complete a certain quiz that’s chosen randomly. Unlike special quizzes, random quizzes are always available. So, it’s a good idea to get your practice in on these quizzes while waiting for special quizzes to become available.

Meta Lite Bar (43,-40)

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Miller Lite is entering the metaverse with the debut of its Meta Lite Bar. The bar contains virtual beer and games, including darts, billiards, pool, and karaoke. Meta Lite will also be the only place to catch Miller Lite’s gameday ad, which will premiere in full length on Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course, there will also be digital swag for sale and even the chance to win $500 — and a virtual bouncer! The bouncer will only let guests who are 21+ into Meta Lite Bar.

Final Thoughts

Decentraland, the first crypto-based metaverse, is filled with profitable investment opportunities. The matrix is filled with all kinds of buildings, art, and games that you can use to turn a profit IRL. It’s definitely worth exploring, and we hope this guide will help you get started. Did we miss your must-see Decentraland location? Do you know a hidden Decentraland gem? Drop us a line to tell us about it!

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